Overcoming Trauma: How Adriano Rodrigues Found Hope Through Neon Dreams


My name is Adriano Rodrigues. I am a Neon UV visual artist and am part of this year’s Top Talent, born in Brazil and raised in Albany, NY. I began my career as an illustrator, using Copic markers to create dark, surrealistic, images. In January 2015, I enrolled at Hudson Valley Community College to earn my degree in Digital Media.

One of my projects that I had created earlier in the semester featured a lava lamp which is one of the trickier things to photograph because of the hues and vibrant colors. I worked with the image in Adobe Lightroom and I learned that with some tweaking, the vibrancy of the image spoke to me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that lava lamp was the start of the next phase of my career. 

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Adobe Awards Team Picks

Back by popular demand! The international team of superstars that make the Adobe Design Achievement Awards such a special experience for students have made their picks – read on to see which 2018 semifinalist entries they’re (not so) secretly rooting for in the final round of this year’s competition…


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Mentorship Magic: Jola Bańkowska + Bartosz Kosowski

Did you know that all winners of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards are matched with a professional mentor to work one-on-one on launching their career? And that ALL ADAA entrants, regardless of their competition standing, are eligible to be selected for special mentorship opportunities at leading design agencies throughout the world?

ADAA 2016 Social Impact Video Editing/Post-Production Winner Jola Bańkowska was paired up with veteran illustrator and founder of Blackbird Illustration, Bartosz Kosowski, for her one-on-one mentorship. Aside from being talented creatives, both are Polish, and meet face to face in the city of Łódź.

Let’s take a look at what makes their new mentor/mentee relationship tick, and how Bartosz is helping Jola launch her career.


Bartosz Kosowski and Jola BańkowskaBartosz Kosowski and Jola Bańkowska.

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