MENTORSHIP MAGIC: In-Agency Matchups

Did you know that 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Awards entrants were selected for mentorships in leading digital agencies around the globe this year, regardless of their final standing in last year’s competition? Here’s a quick snapshot of just a little bit of the mentorship magic taking place around the world right now…


WHERE: Cuernavaca, Mexico

AGENCY: Ideograma

Adobe Awards mentees and mentors at Ideograma’s Cuernavaca offices.

WHAT’S GOING ON: Three Adobe Awards 2017 entrants are working on site with the Ideograma team – a team that specializes in corporate identity, strategic communication, brand architecture, narrative, and guardianship. Mentees have had their portfolios reviewed, shared their personal stories and career ambitions, and have had an inside look at agency life in working sessions with Ideograma’s strategy, design, and implementation teams.


“This mentorship is a great opportunity to get to know the workflow, design thinking strategies, and graphic design skills that a lead agency like Ideograma employs in offering their clients comprehensive design solutions. I’m hoping to improve my own workflows to carry out my creative processes in more efficient and accurate ways. I hope to learn how to approach projects in a well-planned, strategic way… And also learn different methodologies to perform better as a professional.

– Diego Aguirre, 2017 Adobe Awards Semifinalist

Paulette Cabrera, Diego Aguirre, and Beto Gonzalez with Ideograma Director-General Josep Palau.

“I wanted to get to know an agency directly from its people. Ideograma is an agency I’ve been aware of since I started studying design, so it was a big step for me to visit it and learn from them… I want to be more fluent and skillful in branding methods, and they specialize in branding; they’re one of the best branding agencies worldwide.”

– Heriberto Manuel González Domínguez, 2017 Adobe Awards Entrant


WHERE: Mainz, Germany


Adobe Awards mentee Michelle Hausen meets with the LABOR Digital team.

WHAT’S GOING ON: Adobe Awards 2017 entrant Michelle Hausen traveled to Mainz for an overnight stay and two days of in-depth sessions in the “LABORatory” – where the focus is on cross-functional solutions across the design, product, and marketing spectrum. She met one-on-one with staff in a wide variety of roles and learned how they relate to her own career aspirations in user experience design. Michelle also got to put her portfolio through a group review process and was invited to join LABOR’s agency Slack channel for ongoing feedback.


“I graduated as a digital and print media designer in September 2017 and I’m currently working as a Junior Art Director in a small agency in Düsseldorf, but I need help to build a better portfolio website… My goal is to make my portfolio killer cool so I can work abroad… I want to work in the field of interactive and UX design.”

– Michelle Hausen, 2017 Adobe Awards Entrant

Michelle meets with LABOR Creative Director Mathias Vogel during her visit to Mainz.

“This is a great opportunity to give industry feedback to students and young designers just starting out. A lot of schools, especially in Germany, do a great job giving you creative freedom during your studies but in terms of realistic job advice – a lot is lacking. And on the other hand, it´s great for us to connect with new talent in the field. There are benefits for both mentors and mentees; that’s why we’re doing this.”

– Mathias Vogel, Creative Director, LABOR Digital


WHERE: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

AGENCY: Zachary Haris Ong & Associates

Adobe Awards mentees and mentors at Zachary Haris Ong & Associates in Kuala Lumpur.

WHAT’S GOING ON: Three Adobe Awards 2017 entrants have been meeting at ZHOA – known for their work in design, branding, events, and social media. Students have participated in weekly 4DX and “empowerment sessions”, and have even attended design field trips with staff throughout Kuala Lumpur.


“I’ve learned to evaluate my daily personal performance and have learned the importance of continuous improvement to maximize my professional skills. My mentor shared insights about integrity, leadership, and decision making in clear and relevant examples that apply to the design industry… I’m inspired to make sure I’m making an impact through design no matter which position and industry I choose.”

– Michelle Oui, 2017 Adobe Awards Semifinalist

Michelle Oui, Yan Dan Wong, and Dion Chooi at Zachary Haris Ong & Associates.

“There is genuine interest from the mentees in regards to the empowerment sessions; they wished these insights were taught in universities to better prep students to be industry-ready. They not only see the values presented as relevant in their current position in their career, but also highly important… We are committed that the mentees gain industry insights that build character and raise their level of professionalism.”

– Zachary Haris Ong, Principal, Zachary Haris Ong & Associates


There’s more mentorship magic happening in even more locations right now; check out the full list of 2018 agency matchups on the Adobe Awards website and stay tuned for more updates as mentors and mentees continue their career-launching collaborations.

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