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Bradley Grosh Munkowitz
‘As a creative professional, I want my work to connect with as many people as possible.’

Bradley G Munkowitz ( GMUNK ) is a Graphic Designer by foundation who has over a decade of experience functioning as a Design Director for the motion graphics industry. He’s also remained passionately involved in the global design community, giving lectures around the world about his Process and Experiences.
He’s collaborated with distinguished International Brands via his work at top tier outfits BUCK, Prologue Films, Transistorstudios and Bot&Dolly and has designed UI and Holographic sequences on the feature films TRON and Oblivion with Joseph Kosinski.. His work is characterized as a hybrid of Science Fiction themes informed by a Psychedelic visual palette.

059.TRONSS.08_oTRON Solar Sailor

For the entirety of 2010, munkowitz led a Black-Ops team of GFX All-Stars deep into the darkness at Digital Domain crafting over 12 minutes of holographic content for the feature film TRON: Legacy Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved..


Munkowitz began his professional career as an Interactive Designer at London-based Vir2L Studios Europe, while also crafting immersive web experiences on his cult site, winning a grip of awards for web excellence and innovation while inspiring a generation of interactive storytellers.

He entered the motion graphics world under the tutelage of Kyle Cooper at Imaginary Forces and has since functioned as a design director for international brands via his work at top tier outfits Engine Design, Transistorstudios, BUCK and Prologue Films.
He currently finds himself functioning as a Design Director for the screen and physical space, rockn’ the rounds on the Westside for whomever feeds the beast.

01_OBLVN_Light_Table_UI_01_1280OBLIVION GFX

The mighty Joseph Kosinski invited munkowitz to the GFX party once again, this time for his spring blockbuster feature film JOE-BLIVION…

In his spare time, Munkowitz devotes his passion to reconstructing Pornographic Fruits and Berries while dreaming of Cold, Rainy Days… He swears by Galactic Travel, Botany and the finest Vegan Cuisine to keep his technology so fresh and so clean… He studied Film, Fine Arts and Green Bowls at Humboldt State University.

GMUNK’s extensive portfolio spans feature films, commercials, experimental installations, music videos, graphic design, and title sequence

This expansive range is on display in his recent credits, which include projects for clients such as Vice, Adidas, Audi, Vimeo and Samsung.

adidas Climachill +Acoustalux

Munkowitz seized the opportunity to direct a short film for featuring their most advanced cooling apparel ever, the Cilmachill line of apparel… They also presented the opportunity to pair the shirt’s technologies with one of the world’s greatest athletes on planet earth, Real Madrid footballer Gareth Bale..


One of GMUNK’s most decorated projects is “BOX” a revolutionary projection mapping performance piece created as design director for the San Francisco-based robotics studio Bot & Dolly.

Most Decorated: “Box”

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